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Navigate Your Partner Network

Partner networks are constantly changing as new firms, offices and Agents come and go.

Keeping track of your partners and the constantly changing landscape is time consuming and requires a significant effort.

NIC's Network Navigator makes it easy to navigate through your hierarchy organization to access all of the downline partners and Agents.



NIC organizes all of your distribution and sales partners (business units) into an operating hierarchy comprised of multiple levels and displays the levels and their associated business units on NIC.

Your operating hierarchy may be very complex and include multiple levels and downlines or it could be flat, it depends on how you set it up.

There are a number of tools and resources to assist you to create and manage your hierarchy. Visit Setting Up Your Hierarchy page to learn more. 


NETWORK NAVIGATOR LEVEL 1: Distributor Profile

The first level in your hierarchy will be displayed on the NIC Distributor App Home page. 

The first level is typically the BGA or IMO (the Distributor).​

The second level in the hierarchy is accessible from the bottom of the home page.

Distributor home hierachy.png

NETWORK NAVIGATOR LEVEL 2: Business Unit Profile Cards

Clicking on the Expand link on the right-hand side of the Network heading enables you to view all business units, and a profile card for each business unit in Level 2 of your hierarchy.

Clicking on the business unit profile card will take you to that business unit profile page. 

level2 - profile cards.png

LEVEL 2: Business Unit Profile Cards 


You can drill down through the hierarchy by clicking on a business unit profile card. 

The business unit profile page displays contact information and provides access to several features including:

  • Business Unit Demographic Information

  • Book of Business Overview (including your Network)

  • Data Insights

  • Sales Trends

  • Explore (a list of in force policies)

  • Documents

If there are additional downline business units they are accessible under the Book of Business tab, Network section. 


SM profile.png

LEVEL 3: Business Unit Profile Cards

You can drill down further by clicking on the business unit profile card. 

office profile.png
advisor profile.png
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